What is a Residential Mortgage Credit Report?
Just when you think you’ve got this whole credit thing down, some new credit-related phrase creeps into the industry’s vocabulary: DTI ratio, AP
Can You Win When Disputing Accurate Credit Report Items?
I received the following question from a Minter via the Mint.com Facebook page:Question: “John, I just got all of my credit reports for free and there
Why are Retail Credit Cards Easier to Get Than General Use Ones?
“John, I want to establish credit and I know one of the ways to do so is to open a new credit card.  I’ve done some research on the Internet and I’ve
6 Credit Cards for People With No Credit
From the Mint team: Mint may be compensated if you click on the links to our issuer partners’ offers that appear in this article, including Chase. Our
Why Prepaid Debit Cards Won’t Show Up On Your Credit Reports
The growth in the use of prepaid debit cards over the past several years has been impressive.In fact, an industry that was once populated exclusively
3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Credit Score
If you’ve never actively worked to improve your credit, a credit score might seem like black magic. You may understand that scores run from 300 to 850

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