Can Deleted Items Be Reinserted On Your Credit Reports?
We recently received the following question from a Minter via Facebook.It’s about the legality of reporting items to the credit bureaus after they had
The Impact Closing a Credit Card Has on Your Credit Report
“John, I’ve heard if you close a credit card account it can lower your credit scores? That doesn’t make any sense to me. First off, is that true?  Sec
Suffering from Holiday Debt Hangover? This Might Be What You Need
Suffering from Holiday Debt Hangover? Consider Consolidating Your Credit Card Debt into a Balance Transfer CardSo maybe you spent more than anticipate
How to Master Your Credit Utilization Like A Pro
We all know the importance of having a good  credit score. It’s more than just a number – it’s a representation of how reliable of a borrower yo
Why Did I Receive a 1099-C From My Credit Card Issuer?
By now you’ve probably started receiving your tax-related forms.Most of you will receive form W2, which is sent by your employer and memorializes your
What is a “Pay for Delete” Deal from a Collection Agency?
I received the following question from a Minter via Twitter @johnulzheimer.“John, I had a collection for a defaulted credit card bill from three years

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