How to Think About Your Credit Cards When Traveling Abroad
While my husband and I were backpacking through Europe in our early twenties, I got a frantic email from the father of an old friend. Apparently my fr
What Happens to My Debt If My Spouse Files for Bankruptcy?
Last week I was in Dallas speaking at a credit event and a frantic woman cornered me after one of my sessions and asked me the following series of que
Which Public Records Show Up On Your Credit Report?
I received the following question from a Minter regarding the inclusion of public record information on consumer credit reports.“John, I pulled my cre
How Do I Correct Credit Report Errors?
According to the Federal Trade Commission between 10 and 21 percent of consumers have errors on their credit reports.Some of those errors are minor an
How Can I Correct Negative Credit Reporting From Fraud?
“John, I’ve been watching with interest the stories about Target’s data breach and how the information compromised has evolved from payment informatio
What Happens If I’m Denied Credit?
“John, I applied for a credit card about 3 weeks ago. Today I received a letter from the credit card company telling me that my request for credit has

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