How to Prepare Your Credit for an Auto Loan in 2013
The allure of a new car is about more than just the new car smell. Many of us, including me, will be in the market for a new car when 2013 rolls aroun
The Truth About Department Store Credit Cards
If you’ve ever shopped in a department store, you know the story. Maybe you picked up a new set of cutlery, registered for a wedding or tried on
Which Credit Bureau Will Give Me the Best Report?
I received the following question last week from one of my Twitter followers and I think the answer will benefit the Minter community.“John, I was try
The Best Way to Shop for a Credit Card
Credit cards are evil, credit cards entice you to get into debt, and credit cards are just plain bad news.This is the message a small, but very vocal,
Does Disputing a Credit Report Hurt Your Credit Score?
One of the rights afforded to us under the Fair Credit Reporting Act is the ability to challenge information on our credit reports with which we do no
Why Credit History Matters and How to Help Grow It
If your credit history isn’t long enough, lenders may view it as “insufficient” and you may have trouble qualifying for a credit car

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