Do You Have a Mixed Credit Report?
Last month a jury in Oregon awarded Julie Miller, a consumer, over $18 million in a case where she had sued Equifax over errors on her credit report.M
How Credit Cards Affect Credit Health
Editor’s note: Looking for the difference between a charge card and a credit card? Read the full blog post here.It’s the holiday season, but it’
Mint.com Facebook Fan Q&A: Which Credit Reporting Sites Can I Trust?
The following credit resource question was submitted by a Minter on Mint’s Facebook page.Question: “Why is it incredibly cumbersome to get your
Can Your Previous Credit Scores Haunt You?
The following credit score question was submitted via the SmartCredit.com blog.Question: When your credit score is accessed and analyzed, do they only
Mint.com Facebook Fan Q&A: Credit Unions or Large Banks — Whi
For the past two weeks, I’ve been answering credit related questions from Mint’s Facebook page– here.For week #3 I’ll tackle another question, w
How to Build Credit When You Turn 18
Though turning 18 may mark the beginning of adulthood, certain adult goals still seem far off: buying a house, getting a car, or taking out a loan. Ye

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