WTFinance: What is a Credit Score?
Thinking about buying a house? That new car you’ve be dreaming about? Opening that coffee shop/bookstore/record store that maybe also sells sandwiches
Credit Alphabet Soup: Popular Credit Reporting Acronyms Explained
“John, I recently applied for a mortgage loan and I thought the broker was going to pull my credit report. Instead, she pulled something she called an
Can You Increase Your Credit Score to 850?
“Apparently, I’m a financial unicorn,” says Lance Cairns of Georgia, Vermont. Cairns has worked his whole adult life to build a credit score higher th
The Pros and Cons of Freezing Your Credit Reports
Given the number of recent data breaches the topic of protecting your credit has been all over the place.That’s the silver lining of all of these reta
How to Teach Your Kids About Money
There’s a specific conversation I frequently have with people around my age. As they get closer to middle adulthood and look back on everything they’v
How Long Do Late Payments Stay On A Credit Report?
“John, I was 3 weeks late on a credit card payment and about 10 days late on an auto loan payment, both 4 months ago. I was pretty sure it was g

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